"We're working with schools and local businesses to create a work experience system that is more beneficial to both parties involved"
During the later stages of secondary school, students are often asked to fulfil a week of work experience with a chosen business. There are many problems with this current system that we are looking to change. By working alongside local businesses to re-invent the work experience week we want to create a system that is more beneficial to both parties involved
Current problems with the work experience system:
-Students cannot fulfil real life job tasks due to health and safety restrictions and lack of training
-Businesses lose productivity by having to assign staff to mentor the students
-Students only get to see 1 business or industry

Our Proposed System:
- Students will attend workshops hosted by local business people
-The workshops will include real problem solving scenarios to emulate real life situations 
-The students will be able to visit 10 of these workshops in a week
- The workshops will contain a mix of videos and tasks to work through
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